Indian Rupees Currency Exchange

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving in a country and having difficulty obtaining cash from the airport ATM. Sadly, that was our experience in Delhi. None of the ATM’s were working. Consequently, we ended up exchanging money instead. I am not a fan of using currency exchange companies since their currency converter rate is generally higher than my bank fees. However, it may be a necessity upon arrival for taxis, and more.

While an ATM is readily available in larger cities, they can be nonexistent in smaller towns. I would recommend carrying enough rupees, as you deem necessary until you are able to locate another working machine. Keep in mind, there is a limit of 10,000 Rupees per day per card of choice. Depending on the exchange rate of your local currency, that amount may not be as much as it seems.  At the time of this post, 10,000 Rupees equaled $145.68 US Dollars. While things in India can be reasonably priced, the amount you may require each day is dependent on your needs.

The use of cash is widespread in India. While more substantial items such as rugs can be purchased with a credit card, almost all smaller pieces and most, if not all, tourist sites can only be paid with cash. So, keeping enough money on hand is imperative if there is a desire to acquire souvenirs, meals, taxis, or even bottled water.

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