Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa -Video

Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa -Video

Temebe Elephant Park

Temebe Elephant Park travel is a must if you have an interest in viewing an African Elephant while on safari. This video is just a short peek of a beautiful experience. Hopefully, you will love Temebe Elephant Park as much as I do.

If you plan to travel, please read this article to protect yourself from stomach distress: 7 Prevention Tips For Traveler’s Diarrhea

Here is part of the article for you to preview:

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than being confined to a hotel room suffering from an attack of Traveler’s Diarrhea. While this ailment is generally not dangerous, it is an unpleasant way to spend a trip of a lifetime.  Although nothing is foolproof, here are seven tips to reduce the likelihood of being afflicted.


In many areas of the world, water from the faucet is unsafe for travelers to consume. To avoid ruining a trip by falling ill, refrain from using tap water altogether.  Only drink bottled water. The water bottle should be factory sealed to guarantee the liquid inside is not filled with unsafe water.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes might be tempting, especially on a warm day. Often, the ice has been created using water which may be harmful.  For this reason, avoid ice.

Dental Hygiene

While this may be the most challenging tip to remember, it is just as important as the others listed while focusing on your dental hygiene. When brushing teeth, only bottled water should be used to avoid accidental consumption of potentially contaminated water.

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