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Check out the Facebook Reel of the smallest Airport I have visited, to date. While on vacation, I decided to travel to Gustavus, Alaska. A seaplane or ferry is necessary to make it to this island. I chose the seaplane for the short 30 minute flight. This is the plane that took me from Juneau International Airport to Gustavus Airport. The plane held 10 people, if you include the pilot and the… Read More

Dear Blog, RE: Travel Stress and Anxiety. Well, it’s that time again. Time for our annual road trip with the pups. This time is a bit different. Our job is closing between Christmas and New Years Day. While this might sound incredible, it also makes preparing to travel a bit difficult. This difficulty is due mainly because work has been a bear due to just trying to get four weeks of work… Read More

 Pack Simple To simplify your trip begin with this tip. People tend to pack to ensure they have everything they might need while traveling. This type of packing might include extra pants, extra socks, a few pairs of shoes or whatever else comes to the packer’s mind. Most of us want to take everything with when we travel with the exception of the kitchen sink. And there were times I wish I… Read More

Tip 1 – Getting Acclimated to the Car If you are planning a long road trip with your canine companion, it is important to make sure the pup can handle long rides. If the only rides you take are less than 30 minutes, a longer drive may result in a nauseated dog. These types of drives may cause an accident inside the car.  Practice driving your furry friend around town. Gradually add time… Read More

Tsomgo Lake Tsomgo Lake is in Sikkim India. It is outside of Gangtok and a bit of a drive from Darjeeling. If Sikkim tourism is on the agenda, a trip to this lake is a must. Tsomgo Lake Video Traveling to India? India Visa Simplified You must get a Visa before you venture to India, The article below will help you through the process. There is a beauty in the number of… Read More

Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa -Video Temebe Elephant Park Temebe Elephant Park travel is a must if you have an interest in viewing an African Elephant while on safari. This video is just a short peek of a beautiful experience. Hopefully, you will love Temebe Elephant Park as much as I do. If you plan to travel, please read this article to protect yourself from stomach distress: 7 Prevention Tips For Traveler’s… Read More

There is a beauty in the number of things we can do on the internet these days, from buying clothing to downloading music, to watching a movie. Getting a Visa for India is no exception. While there are many websites that state they offer an E-Visa, only an India government site is to be trusted for timely results and the safety of your information. As a result, I have created the India… Read More