How to find Bob Ross’ Grave

Bob Ross is one of the most influential artists of our time. If you are like me, not only did you watch the Joy of Painting, you also tried painting your own “Happy Little Trees.”  Not only has Bob taught me something about art, his soft-spoken and friendly demeanor was always a welcomed addition to my home. Since Bob has meant something to me throughout the years, I decided to pay my respects to him in person. While it took me a bit to locate his resting place, I wanted it to be easier for you to find his gravesite. Hence the reason I wrote How to find Bob Ross’ Grave. Please remember that this is a working cemetery where people have laid to rest friends and loved ones. So, when you visit, always be respectful.

Before getting into Bob Ross’ grave location, I wanted to mention the NetFlix Film Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed. If you have not seen it, you will be surprised at what happens with proceeds from Bob Ross Inc that have absolutely nothing to do with the heirs of Bob Ross. The corporation owns the name and rights to everything Bob Ross.  Check out the documentary; it is both interesting and sad to see what has happened to the family of such a kind man.

If you are in or near the Orlando, Florida area, you can take some time to visit the grave of Bob Ross.  He is laid to rest in the Woodlawn Memorial Park & Funeral Home located in Gotha, Florida.

Woodlawn Memorial Park 400 Woodlawn Cemetery Rd, Gotha FL 34734

The actual address for Woodlawn Memorial Park is 400 Woodlawn Cemetery Rd, Gotha, FL 34734.  This cemetery is about a half-hour drive from Walt Disney World. If you Drive I4, the distance is only about 18 miles.

Upon arrival, do not enter through the Crematory Gate; use the main entrance instead. To find Bob Ross’ grave start heading towards the back left. When facing the water, his site is to the left.

Bob Ross’ grave in Section O.  You will see signs indicating the sections. Just follow the letters until you reach the letter O.

Section Marker at Woodlawn Memorial Park

You will know you are at section O when you locate this monument. When facing the monument, Bob’s grave is on the left. It is near the road that took you to section O.

Monument in Section O Near the Grave of Bob Ross

The picture below is a view from Bob Ross’ grave. As you can see, it is very close to the road.

View from the grave of Bob Ross

How to Find Bob Ross’ Grave

So, to recap, head to Woodlawn Memorial Park is 400 Woodlawn Cemetery Rd, Gotha, FL 34734. Next drive towards the back on the left. Search for section O, which is on the left side of the water. Then look for the monument pictured above. Walk along the road you drove in on until you are in approximate alignment with the monument. Now start looking for his grave marker. You will notice many items on his grave left behind by many of his fans. Once you find it, you will see it with ease if and when you visit again.

Well, I hope this post makes it easy for you to locate Bob Ross’ Grave, making your discovery more than a Happy little accident.

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  1. Creed H

    His older brother, Allen, was a very good friend. Allen lived in Ocoee, just a few miles from Bob’s gravesite. I visited Bob’s grave a few times with Allen as he got older. RIP Fellas.

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