The Absolute Top 4 Best Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

The Absolute Top 4 Best Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country. To date, my favorite area in Guatemala happens to be Antigua. This Spanish Baroque city is full of life, culture, and beauty. Antigua Guatemala is located in the Central Highlands and is under 26 miles from the La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City. It’s an easy cab ride from the airport. Below you will find, what I believe to be The Absolute Top 4 Best Things to do in Antigua Guatemala 

1) Shopping in Antigua

I am generally not a person who enjoys shopping. However, Antiqua just happened to speak to me with their wares. There are handmade items available. Some of these items will benefit women’s groups or orphanages. So, when you make a purchase, you are actually helping a social cause as well. Below are just a couple of the wonderful handmade items you can purchase.


Hand Woven Hammock

Guatemala, it is known for Jade. Guatemala´s black Jade can only be found here in Guatemala.  Honestly, any jade makes a beautiful keepsake from Antigua


3 Stone Jade Ring

 2) Walking Tour in Antigua

There are beautiful Spanish Baroque buildings abound. Stroll the city just to see these buildings. Check out Central Park or Parque Central, as the locals know it.Make sure to check out The Santa Catalina Arch (Arco de Santa Catalina). It was built in the 17th Century where it was connected to the Santa Catalina Convent. This structure allowed the nuns to walk from one building to another without having to walk in the street area.

arc guatemala

Original Painting of the Arco de Santa Catalina

If there is an interest in learning more about the city and its architecture, hire a local guide from one of the many tour companies located in Antigua. Don’t forget The Hotel Casa Santo Domino. This hotel sits on the site of the Santo Domingo Monastery that was built about 1538.  There are museums on the property which include a Colonial and an Archeology Musem

3) Eating in Antigua

The food is not only delicious, in Antiqua, but there are so many restaurants to chose from for a meal. Expect to get anything your heart desires. From Hummus to burgers, to desserts, to chicken and so much more. My fellow vegetarian or vegan friends, you no longer have to be afraid of finding a healthy meal while visiting Antiqua. The food is plentiful, and it’s tasty!

4) Volcano Tour in Antiqua

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano

While Volcan Pacaya is not technically in Antiqua, it is only about 30 miles away. Or approximately just under 1.5 hours away. To visit Pacaya Volcano, book tours from Antiqua, and in my opinion, it is worth every minute and dollar spent. Expect to walk on cooled lava that is strangely still hot underfoot.

Enjoy your trip to Antigua Guatemala. It is a beautiful destination with so much to see, eat and experience.

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