Traveling with Dogs – 4 Easy Tips

Tip 1 – Getting Acclimated to the Car

If you are planning a long road trip with your canine companion, it is important to make sure the pup can handle long rides. If the only rides you take are less than 30 minutes, a longer drive may result in a nauseated dog. These types of drives may cause an accident inside the car.  Practice driving your furry friend around town. Gradually add time to these practice drives. Watch your pup to ensure motion sickness is not on its way. If the dog appears sick, stop the car and take the pup out until nausea has passed. Then continue the driving. Before you know it, your dog will handle longer drives. Your pup will look forward to them as well. Making traveling with dogs enjoyable for everyone.

Tip 2 – Updated Dog Vaccinations

The last thing we all want is to put the health of our pet at risk from potential illnesses.  As a result, before you head off on your long road trip, make sure your companion is up to date on all vaccination. This includes additional immunizations needed in case your board your dog or if any time may be spent at the dog park. Keep a copy of these records in your vehicle in case they need to be furnished. Should you decide to bring your dog to doggie daycare, these records would be a requirement. Most facilities will not allow your pup to stay without proof of vaccinations.

Tip 3 – Verify Pet Policies

Most of us book a pet-friendly hotel online. Frequently, these websites have not updated their Pet Policy. Although the site may read a dog is allowed, it may not. Some hotels have a weight limit. Some have a limited number of pet rooms available. Others have policies which require pets to be left in a dog crate when unattended. While other hotels may have policies that forbid leaving your furry friend unaccompanied. Consequently, before you book your room, it is important to actually call the facility to guarantee your situation fits within the scope of the Pet Policies. Should you book a rental through sites such as Airbnb, it is also important to verify pet policies with the host.

Tip 4 – Weather Concerns

When we travel within our hometown, we are aware of the heat or the cold temperatures. As a result, we know how to dress accordingly. While out with our dogs, many of us even know when our pets are too cold or overly hot. Then we take the proper precautions. But, when we travel to a different climate, we can get lost in the experience. Sadly, we may forget that our pets may be experiencing a bad time with the weather. Our pests are unable to communicate this to us.  As a result, watch your pet for signs of being too hot, or too cold. Take the appropriate steps and precautions to ensure a safe trip for all involved. Remember to keep an eye on the weather news or local news so you can plan accordingly to keep your dog safe.

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