The Long Haired Traveler


I have created a list of what I consider the best restaurants in Tampa Bay, or at least my top 10 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Tampa Bay.  Number One will be considered one of my favorite restaurants in Tampa Bay. So enjoy the list. But more importantly, enjoy the time out with your canine companion.

Dear Blog, RE: Travel Stress and Anxiety. Well, it’s that time again. Time for our annual road trip with the pups. This time is a bit different. Our job is closing between Christmas and New Years Day. While this might sound incredible, it also makes preparing to travel a bit difficult. This difficulty is due mainly because work has been a bear due to just trying to get four weeks of work… Read More

Canova Dog Beach Canova Dog Beach is located in the Space Coast of Florida. Spend the day at this Dog Park soaking up some rays while playing and splashing in the waves. Your dog will love it! Watch the video to see the beach. Read: Traveling with your Dog 4 Easy Tips  Here is an excerpt from the article “Traveling with your Dog 4 Easy Tips Tip 1 – Getting Acclimated to… Read More